Service and support

SERVICE is our primary target

Engineering support
  • "Simultaneous Engineering"
Technical support

Application support for:

  • Machine "run off"
  • "Pilot lot" production
  • Supervision of processes
Increase in productivity
  • Continuous improvement processes
Application training
  • Theoretically and practically oriented product training
Design service
  • Customer specific documentation
  • Tool layouts
Test machining
  • Test machining in your own premises

Our target is a continuous improvement of the efficiency of our tools so that our customer can benefit from more efficient production with a high certainty in process.

Our engineers, service technicians and representations will be glad to answer your specific questions about tool development and services.

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Hollfelder-Gühring GmbH services for PCD and CBN inserts

Thanks to our regeneration and regrinding service we can guarantee a long term and constant application of your tools on the highest level.
Compared to new inserts the original grinding guarantees a constant quality of your workpieces and a constant tool life.

Regeneration service

W .... PCD / CBN

Credit note for returned inserts about 20%
of the original price

Invoicing of the new inserts

Inserts can be sent for regeneration in the quantities desired.


  • short flow time
  • constant tool dimensions (L and ØD)

Regrinding service

W .... PCD / CBN

Invoicing of the regrinding costs

We recommend to send us the complete set of inserts of one cutter for regrinding. Experience has shown that inserts can be reground three times at a maximum. However the wear pattern should not exceed 0.1 mm per regrinding!


Complete service

€Calculation according to expenditure or mixed price


 We are always at your disposal for further information.

Measuring / Ceck,
Adjusting, Balancing

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