A fascinating System

. . . or unexpected possibilities with HOLLFELDER-GÜHRING GmbH’s eccentric adjustment.

Example: Application in plunging tools

This application seemed to be insoluble with the so far generally known tool concepts:

  • deep face groovings with rotating tools also for the smallest diameters
  • possibility to adjust the inside and outside diameter
  • possibility to apply the most different cutting grades in one tool
  • optimal and secure clamping of the insert also in big overhang lengths
  • internal coolant directly to the insert

Hollfelder made it its business to solve this problem and thus a precise and flexible tool system with universal applicational possibilities was born.

The design principle and its advantages

  • a lateral location of the insert within the tool is not necessary 
    • thus trilateral machining is possible
  • little space requirement for the clamping claw and adjustment element
    • high number of effective teeth increases the feed rate
  • independent from the depth of the recess the clamping of the inserts is absolutely secure
    • which guarantees a vibration-free machining and thus constant tool life along with an excellent surface finish
  • the inserts are µm-accurate adjustable
    • which makes the exact adaptation of the corresponding diameters possible and at the same time a correction in the case of changing conditions

Possibilities of application

Due to the afore-mentioned advantages this HOLLFELDER-GÜHRING GmbH tool system is absolutely essential e.g. in the following machinings:

rotor clearance in pumps - e.g. oil pumps
plunging of deep grooves - e.g. pump housings for Diesel injection systems
snap ring groove recesses - e.g. for magnet industry
circular recesses - e.g. for shaft seals
Profile circular recesses - e.g. for conical nipples in piston bore holes
Axial plunging on lathes - e.g. for axial face grooving on end faces
Radial plunging on lathes - for all usual grooving operations

The shape and the profile of the necessary insert is designed according to the customers requirements. Due to its technical possibilities, HOLLFELDER-GÜHRING GmbH is able to produce each desired contour on the insert in the most different cutting grades.

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