Eccentric adjustment

eccentric adjustment


… are the operational possibilities of this adjustment in the most different kinds of tools and materials.
The field of application of this adjustment system is turning, counterboring, drilling and chamfering. Milling operations such as face milling, circular milling or groove milling with side milling cutters can easily be done.

Many inserts…

…because this system allows an extremely high number of inserts on the circumference of the tool. Thus production costs are reduced as the feed rate constitutes an essential parameter to increase productivity. 

This system allows a triangular treatment, which e.g. is inevitable in plunging operations. A lateral arrangement of the insert in the tool holder is not necessary in the system of company HOLLFELDER-GÜHRING GmbH. The lateral stability is guaranteed by an eccentric bolt.

All inserts are µm-accurate adjustable...

...Completely assembled with insert adjustment is either made radially or axially depending on the fitting position. Due to this user-friendly adjustment possibility non-productive times are drastically reduced.

At first the clamping screw is tightened by means of a torque wrench, an eccentric bolt is used in order to adjust the desired measure or rather the position of the inserts. If an unintended excessive adjustment occurs –
no problem, you only have to turn further the eccentric bolt.


Detailed instructions are available here

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