The new boring system GA200-VARIO for diameters from 44 to 130 mm:

GA200 - Vario


  • μm-precise diameter adjustment for fineboring thanks to insert holder with Hollfelder-Guhring tapered screw adjustment
  • large adjustment range
  • internal coolant supply is directed straight to the cutting edge
  • different insert holders for fine- and rough boring
  • unequal cutting edge spacing →170°
  • adaptable to fit all kind of spindles and lengths
  • rigid connection between basic adapter and interchangeable insert holder

Advantages of the overall concept:

roughing and finish machining with only one tool head due to progressive cutting process
close tolerances can be achieved
one basic adapter for different diameters
no retraction marks because of unequal cutting edge spacing
wide range of insert geometries and coatings available according to customer specifications

See also in the Catalog on Page 104 - 117


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