Drilling and chamfering tools

The new Drilling / Chamfering tools are applicable for versatile machining tasks and a wide varity of materials.

The features:

  • Use in standard hydraulic expansion chucks
  • Use of standard solid carbide drills (DIN 6537 L/K) 3xD, 5xD, 7xD
  • 3 different chamfering angles as standard available
  • Standard inserts in carbide (uncoated and coated) as well as in PCD available

Advantages by use of these tools:

High runout accuracy due to use in hydraulic expansion chucks High tool life on drills and inserts
One tool holder for different chamfering angles  ⇒ Reduced amount of tool bodies

Easy handling, assembly and setup

 ⇒ Reduced non-productive times
Suitable for all standard hydraulic expansion chucks  ⇒ No additional costs for special chucks

See also in the Catalog on Page 118 - 125

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