Quality policy

We took up the challenge to achieve higher quality and environmental standards for our products.
Our management team guarantees the realization and preservation of our integrated quality management system (QM/EM-system or IMS) by means of the following measurements:

  • Fixing and realization of quality policy
  • Fixing and supervising of quality targets
  • Periodical assessment of the efficiency of the QM-system
  • Delegation of quality relevant duties to competent staff
  • The management team is a living example of the Q-contents
  • To achieve the utmost satisfaction of our customers
  • To guarantee and increase the high quality standard of our activities
  • To fulfil our customer’s requirements by means of a reliable, punctual and correct handling of order processing
  • To produce economically
  • To create confidence in public

The management team is responsible for planning, supervising and correcting the quality of the system.


Hollfelder-Gühring GmbH - Company location Nürnberg - Quality Management System - ISO 9001 : 2015

Hollfelder-Gühring GmbH - Company location Lützen - Quality Management System - ISO 9001 : 2015


Environmental policy 

Environmental policy is the guideline for our whole enterprise. 
In addition to customer’s satisfaction, optimal quality and the protection of our staff as far as work accidents are concerned, the protection of the environment constitutes one of our main targets.

  • Since the beginning our target has been to observe environmental regulations as well as regulations arising in connection with allowances and customer requirements.
  • Thanks to the economical use of resources as well as production technologies low on emission and waste effects on the environment are reduced and are supervised by means of regular examinations and measurements.
  • We are always endeavouring to communicate with our customers, suppliers, authorities and staff in order to improve effects on the environment.
  • Training and motivation of our staff in order to improve our processes and methods constantly constitute an important feature in our enterprise.
  • We are taking preventive measurements in order to reduce undesired emissions in the case of possible breakdowns.


Hollfelder-Gühring GmbH - Environmental Management System - ISO 14001 : 2015