Mini-Boring bars

Effective . . .
are the new mini-boring bars starting from 5 mm bore diameter

Their technical characteristics will convince you:
The efficient core part of our tools is a positive precision-ground insert with two cutting edges. In the tool this insert is attached in the special shaped insert pocket, which was manufactured with high precision by electrical discharge machining.

The special form of the insert and the insert pocket result in a selflocking device. Thus the arising cutting forces are intercepted as far as possible.

Within the tool the main cutting edge of the insert has a central position. This results in a maximum chip flute. At the same time this avoids that the chips destroy the bore surface. As everybody knows this is not possible in tools with back rakes and thus has negative consequences (vibrations and problems with tool life).

Clamping is effected by a hidden clamping element. Free chip flow is guaranteed. To change the insert the clamping element only has to be loosened a bit, then the insert can radially be taken out of the insert pocket of the tool. The clamping element continues to be connected captive with the tool holder. The spare cutting edge of the insert is completely protected in the insert pocket. A premature destruction, e.g. due to chip flow, is impossible.

As a standard item these tools are available as right-hand and left-hand versions, either with steel- or carbide shank. Three shank dimensions for 5 mm- 7mm or 9 mm bore diameter can be chosen. The approach angles are either 90° or 95°, depending on the intended purpose.

In order to hard-face these tools only a right-hand or a left-hand insert type is necessary. By means of a special grinding these tools can also be used for machining all kinds of form recesses. The maximum plunging breadth for this is 1.2 mm. Special designs on request.

Possible materials are carbides, coated carbides, cermets, PCD and CBN. Chip removal of steel-, cast- and light metal materials can be effected in one tool by exchanging the insert with the corresponding cutting edge geometry. 

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