HPC Face Mills

Faster, cleaner, more efficient - HPC Face Mills from HOLLFELDER-GÜHRING!

HPC-Face Mills

Milling Cutter for finish machining

  • extremely high number of cutting edges (i.e. 63 mm => dia=12  /  125 mm => dia=27)
  • easy to set – precision adjustable cutting edges
  • replaceable PCD inserts and carbide chip guiding elements
  • wear-resistant steel, modular designed body
  • PCD cutting inserts re-grindable up to 10x
  • enclosed chip flute design



  • virtually chip-free components, lower cleaning costs
  • reduced tooling costs per component
  • extremely high feed rates (up to 60,000 mm/min)
  • lower machine investment for new projects
  • tool life improvement by factor 2 to 5
  • high productivity and energy efficiency

Milling Cutter for rough machining

As a consequent improvement of the HPC-milling cutters for finish machining (allowance max. 1.5 mm) Hollfelder-Gühring now also offers a variant for rough machining. The HPC-milling cutter for rough machining convinces by big flutes, robust inserts and chip guiding elements. He is able to deal with cutting depths of max. 8 mm.

HPC-Face Mills


The Ultimate Evolution!

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